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Harefield Junior School

Arts & Crafts

Click on one of the videos below to see your teachers leading an arts and crafts activity.

Water Animated Drawings

Make a drawing come to life using water with Miss Morse.

Book Making

Make your own book with Mrs Parker.

Easter Bunny

Turn an old sock into the Easter Bunny with Mrs George.

Bird House

Make a bird house for your garden out of a plastic bottle with Mrs Parker

Self Portrait Challenge

Draw a self portrait and email it to Mr Coren if you'd like to be included in his latest school video.

Self Portrait Challenge Video

Click on the video below to see the self portraits that were sent in by teachers and children.


Turn an old jar into a lantern with Mrs George.

Sensory Drawing Challenge

Try to replicate your partner's drawing without looking at it with Mr Coren.

Pure Imagination Challenge

Staff have used their creativity to turn household objects into masterpieces.

Lava Lamps

Make lava lamps with Mrs Parker.